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The People's Saltire World Record Attempt

Updated: Oct 6

Join the movement for the peoples saltire!

Let's come together to build a stronger, more democratic future for Scotland. Register now and make your voice heard." In the heart of Scotland's glens and lochs, where the heather blooms and the river roars, the spirit of albafest comes alive, A celebration of traditions and folklore.

From the ancient rhythms of the drum and pipes to the lilting melodies of fiddle and voice, the music and dance of Scotland's past are given new life and fresh rejoicing.

Let us gather and raise our voices high, in harmony with the beauty that surrounds, for albafest is a testament to the past, A legacy of culture that abounds.

May the songs and stories of Scotland's people echo through the ages, strong and clear, and albafest stand as a shining beacon of the cultural heritage we hold dear.

The saltire rising symbolizes the strength and resilience of the Scottish people. As it waves high in the sky, it reminds us of the struggles and triumphs of the past and inspires us to face the challenges of the present and future with courage and determination. Let the saltire be a beacon of hope and unity for all Scots, both at home and abroad.

Join the movement for a monumental moment!" Be a part of setting a world record for the greatest number of people arranged in formation to create a national flag at a single venue. With a minimum of 50,000 participants needed, this is a challenge that can only be carried out with the power of the people. 100 volunteers are also needed to help make this history-making event a reality.

Get active, get inspired, and be a part of a moment that will go down in the record books. Documented officially and designed for the people, by the people - will you be one of them? Join the party, folks! We're thrilled to extend an invitation to you, to be the newest member of our community. With a spirit of camaraderie, innovation, and fun, we welcome you to a

• Clickers – operated by independent individuals with no interest or affiliation in the attempt.

• Ticket stubs collected at the entrance(s)

Evidence checklist • Cover letter • Counting method for participants • Aerial photo of the group • Witness statement 1 • Witness statement 2 • Steward statements • Auditors report • Layout of attempt area • Video of the entrance/exits • Video evidence • Media articles • Photographic Evidence

Min 50,000 people required to beat record.

100 volunteers are also required.

Want to help make history?

Have it documented officially?

Get out there, get active, get inspired.

The event was designed for The people, so only the people can make it happen!

Will you be one of those people?




Please visit the member application page for information on how to join us and please consider making a donation to our cause.

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